2023-12-29 09:57

Optical brightener agent (commonly referred to as"fluorescent whitening agent ") is a relatively commonly usedingredient in the plastics industry. They have a high ability to absorbultraviolet and ultraviolet light, converting the absorbed light energy intovisible light waves that range in color from blue to violet. They emit light,so they are also called luminescents.

The use of optical bleaches significantly improves theappearance and color of the product because:

  • Helps the   product to be less discolored (especially when the product uses scrap)

  • Make colors brighter, more vibrant.

Jinan Tonex OBA .jpg

Some of today's optical brightener :

  • OB1: suitable for whitening polyester, nylon, poly propylene, PVC, ABS, EVA,   polystyrene...

  • OB: odorless, light green powder, suitable for plastic, coating and inks

  • KCB: Kelly powder is light in color, non-toxic, odorless and insoluble in   water, heat resistant.

  • FP (127): high whiteness, beautiful color, high heat resistance and     corrosion resistance, soluble in organic solvents, good compatibility with   PVC and polystyrene.

  • SWN: Whitening for wool, silk, nylon, acetic acid, and triacetate fibers.

  • KSN: good compatibility with plastic, high temperature strength and good     corrosion resistance, suitable for whitening polyester and plastic.

  • KB: Strong fluorescence intensity and high whiteness, heat resistance.