Different types of optical brightener

2024-05-29 09:14 Yama

01 Classification Of Optical Brightener Agent

1. According to the chemical structure, it can bedivided into five categories:

(1) Stilbene type, used in cotton fiber and somesynthetic fibers, papermaking, soap making and other industries, with bluefluorescence;

(2) Coumarin type, with the basic structure ofcoumarone, used in celluloid, polyvinyl chloride plastics, etc., with strongblue fluorescence;

(3) Pyrazoliline type, used for wool, polyamide,acrylic fiber and other fibers, with green fluorescent color;

(4) Benzooxynitrogen type, used for acrylic fibers andplastics such as polyvinyl chloride and polystyrene, with red fluorescence;

(5) Phthalimide type, used for polyester, acrylic,nylon and other fibers, with blue fluorescence.

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2. According to the usage, it is often divided into:

(1) Optical brightener for detergent;

(2) Optical brightener for textile;

(3) Optical brightener for papermaking;

(4) Optical brightener for plastics and syntheticmaterials;

(5) Optical brighteners for other purposes.