Discover the best ways to test optical brighteners

2024-05-29 10:20 Yama

Testing method of optical brightener

1. Ultraviolet lamp irradiation observation method

Theultraviolet lamp irradiation observation method is the most common method fordetermining fluorescent brighteners,and its principle is mainly based on thefact that fluorescent brighteners can not only reflect visible light,but alsoabsorb invisible ultraviolet light,and can emit visible blue-violetfluorescence of a certain intensity after absorbing the energy of ultravioletlight,which can be distinguished by observing the fluorescence on the surfaceof the sample with the naked eye.

2. Whiteness method

Thewhiteness method mainly uses a whiteness tester to measure the whiteness of thesubstance,and the main working principle of the whiteness tester is to use theintegrating sphere to realize the measurement of absolute spectral diffusereflectance,which can be used to analyze whether the sample containsfluorescent brightener,and can determine the fluorescence whiteness producedby fluorescence emission,that is,whiteness.

3. Ultraviolet spectrophotometry

Ultravioletspectrophotometry is a preliminary qualitative,quantitative and structuralanalysis method established according to the absorption characteristics ofmaterial molecules on electromagnetic waves in the wavelength range of200~760nm.

4. Fluorescence spectrophotometry

Fluorescencespectrophotometry is a method for qualitative or quantitative analysis ofsubstances by using the properties of substances that absorb shorterwavelengths of light energy and emit longer wavelength characteristic spectra.

5. High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC)

Highperformance liquid chromatography is a rapid separation method with highaccuracy and wide separation range,and its separation principle is mainlybased on the different partition coefficients of analytical substances betweenthe stationary phase and the mobile phase,which is a relatively maturedetection method.

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