Adding OBA to Make Your Profile Shine

2024-05-30 10:10

Enhance the appearance of your profile by adding optical brighteners.

These additives work by absorbing ultraviolet light and remitting it as visible light,
making colors appear more vibrant.


Generally,domestic optical brightener such as PF have a low decompositiontemperature,with an initial decomposition temperature of 178°C,a maximumabsorption wavelength of 363nm,and sublimation.Although the price is low,theeffect is not good.

If you choose optical brightener OB,the melting point is 196~203℃,the decomposition temperature is higher than 220℃,and the maximum absorption wavelength is 375nm.The melting point of opticalbrightener OB1 is 353~359°C,the maximum absorption wavelength is 374nm,andthe maximum emission fluorescence wavelength is 434nm;it is more suitable for PVC products.