Optical Brightener OB-1 Application

2024-05-31 09:35 Tonex Chemical

Optical brightener OB1

It is a common optical brightener agent in the plastics industry and can be regarded as a popular product .Optical brightener OB1 especially high temperature resistant,   mainly used   for Whitening by hot melt pad dyeingIt is suitable for whitening polyester fibers and polyester, cotton and other fiber blended fabrics.This product can also be used forABSPSHIPSWellPC、PP ,EVA   and hardPVC, nylon fiber, nylon and polyester, then the   whiteness will be significantly improved.

However, fluorescent brightener OB-1 has two main appearances,

one is OB1 yellow and the other is OB1 green. In the past few years, most manufacturers used fluorescent brightener OB1 yellow, but now most of them use fluorescent brightener OB-1 green. What is the difference between the two?

Optical Brightrener OB-1 Yellowish & Greenish.jpg

1. The production process is different. The production process of fluorescent whitening agent OB1 yellow and OB1 green is different, which can generally be divided into esterification method and sulfurization method. The cost of fluorescent whitening agent OB-1 yellow is slightly higher than that of OB-1 green.

2. Different Tone: The tone of fluorescent brightener OB1 white is more bluish purple,

while that of OB-1 green is more bluish.

The heavier the blue light, the better the fineness, and the displayed white is a bluish white color. Therefore, most manufacturers now choose fluorescent brightener OB-1 green.

3. Whitening performance.

When it comes to whitening performance, the two are actually the same and

there is not much difference.