Optical Brightener Application In The Plastic

2024-06-03 10:49

What type optical brightener used on PVC industry?

Optical brighteners are chemical compounds that are added to plastics to improve their optical properties, such as brightness and color intensity. Usually used on plastic,follow optical brightener of Jinan Tonex Chemcial be recommend

Optical brightener OB


Optical brightener OB is widely used in PVC,PE, PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, POM and other thermoplastic plastics as well asthermosetting plastics, polyester fiber

Optical brightener OB-1


Optical BrightenerOB1 can be used on polyester fiber, nylon fiber, polypropylene, hard PVC, ABS,EVA, PS, polycarbonate etc. For high temperature resistant plastics, only ob-1can be used, and the addition amount of optical brightener ob-1 is small andthe whitening degree is high.

Optical brightener FP-127,


It is especially suitable for whitening of PVCand polystyrene series products, and can also be used for whitening andbrightening of other thermoplastics and coatings, printing ink, syntheticfiber.

Optical brightener KCB


Optical Brightener KCB is mainly used for thewhitening of plastics and synthetic fiber products, and also has obviousbrightening effect for colored plastic products. It is also widely used inethylene/EVA copolymers, and is the excellent fluorescent whitening agent forsports shoes. It is also widely used in plastic films, molding materials,Injection molding materials and polyester fibers such as PE, PP, PVC, PS, ABSand PMMA, especially good at whitening of EVA.

Optical brightener KSN.


Optical Brightener KSN is widely used for polyester fiber, polyamide, polypropylene fine polymer fibers, high-quality engineering plastics, etc.It can be added in any production stage of blowing film, drawing, injection, molding, extrusion, etc.

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