Optical Brightener OB Application On The Coating & Paints

2024-06-05 10:35

As a kind of coating,uniform color is the most basic criterion.The inkis exposed to the outside for a long time,and the requirements for weatherresistance are extremely high.Through these two points,we can know that thecompatibility and weather resistance of the optical brightener must be good.

optical brightener OB in the paint.jpg

Here,Tonex Chemical recommends everyone to use optical brightener OB. The whitenessvalue of optical brightener OB is high,the brightness is high,the dispersionis good,the weather resistance is good,and the yellowing and fading will notoccur in the later stage.

Optical Brightener OB.jpg

The amount of optical brightener OB added to the ink is very small,onlybetween 2/10,000 and 5/10,000,and the very low cost can achieve the effect ofwhitening,brightening,brightening and increasing weather resistance.

The use of the optical brightener OB is also very simple,

as long as it is added during theproduction of ink,stirring evenly can achieve the ideal whitening effect.