Optical Brightener KCB recommend on the EVA shoes materials

2024-06-12 10:47

The material of foam shoes is mostly EVA,and EVA blended foam products are widelyused in the soles and

interior materials of medium and high-end tourist shoes,hiking shoes, slippers and sandals.

And due to the price advantage of EVA foammaterial, it will still be the main material choice for a long time in thefuture. Because EVA has good softness and elasticity, and at the same time thesurface gloss and chemical stability are also very good. Among the many colors,white as the basic color can be said to be everywhere, EVA foam shoe materialis also mostly white, but the whiteness of EVA material itself is not brightwhite, in order to improve the whiteness of EVA shoe material, manufacturersusually add optical brightener KCB in production to improve the whiteness of shoe material.

OBA KCB forEVA .jpg

Weall know that there are many types of optical brighteners, which brightener isthe most suitable for EVA foam shoe materials? The answer is the opticalbrightener KCB.


Optical   brightener   KCB   ultraviolet light and reflects bluelight, and its blue light and the yellow light in the substrate arecomplementary color light, and the two are mixed to become the white light wesee with the naked eye, making the product look whiter and brighter. Of course,the optical brightener KCB can not only be used on white products, but also caneffectively improve the vividness of products in terms of color.

Thereare many advantages of KCB, a special brightener for foaming, first of all, thetemperature resistance, the molding temperature of EVA material is about 210 to230, and the temperature resistance of KCB is 210 °C. The second is colorlight, KCB is pure blue light, and the whitening effect is better. It is worthmentioning that the stability of the brightener KCB is extremely excellentamong the brighteners, which is very suitable for foam shoe materials, and canavoid yellowing after a long time.

Weknow that the current EVA foaming method is mainly the injection process, andthe manufacturer only needs to evenly stir the optical brightener KCB in theraw material before this process. It should be noted that the amount ofbrightener added, it is recommended to add 200 grams to 500 grams of whiteningagent for one ton of material, which can effectively improve the appearance andperformance of EVA shoe materials.