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Product name FBA 184; OBA 184, Fluorescent Brightener OB; Optical Brightener Agent OB
Color Index No C.I.184
Assay 99%
Fineness ≥ 200 meshes
Cas No 7128-64-5
Einecs No 230-426-4
Appearance Slight Yellowish Green Powder
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Product information


Color Index No: C.I.184

Synonyms: FBA 184; OBA 184,Fluorescent Brightener OB; Optical Brightener Agent OB

Molecular Structure:

Molecular   Formula:C26H26N2O2S

Molecular Weight:430.5618

CAS   No:7128-64-5

EINECS   No: 230-426-4

Appearance: Slight   yellowish green powder

Melting point():201-202


Fineness: 200 meshes


It can help colors becomemore brilliant and get outstanding brightening ability. Adding OB can produce abluish tinge and mask yellowness, as well as create whiter look than normalwhite appearance. It is an environmental friendly brightener.


Optical brightener OB iswidely used in PVC, PE, PP, PS, ABS, PMMA, POM and other thermoplastic plasticsas well as thermosetting plastics, polyester fiber

Reference dosage:

1. PVC:

In the soft or hard PVC:

Whitening: 0.010.05% (1050g/100kg material).

Transparency: 0.00010.001% (0.11g/100kg material).

2. PS:

Whitening: 0.001% (1g/100kg material).

Transparency: 0.00010.001 (0.11g/100kg material).

3. ABS:

Adding 0.010.05% of this product to ABS caneffectively clean the original yellow to whitening it.

4. Polyolefin

It has good whitening effect onpolyethylene and polypropylene.

Transparency: 0.0005-0.001% (0.51g/100kg material).

Whitening: 0.0050.05% (550g/100kg material).

Package & Storage:

10kg or 25kg/ fiber drums. It can bepacked in other forms according to user's requirements.

Shelf life: not morethan 24 months in the room temperature.