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Product name FBA 393; OBA 393, Fluorescent Brightener OB-1; Optical Brightener Agent OB-1
Color Index No C.I.393
Assay 98.5%
Fineness ≥ 200 meshes
Cas No 1533-45-5
Einecs No 216-245-3
Appearance Light Yellowish Green Powder
86 18254185957

Products Information:


Color Index No: C.I.393

Synonyms: FBA 393; OBA 393,Fluorescent Brightener OB-1; Optical Brightener Agent OB-1

Molecular Formula:C28H18N2O2

Molecular Weight:414

CAS No:1533-45-5

EINECS No: 216-245-3

Appearance: Light yellowish green   powder

Melting point():358


Fineness: 200 meshes

Molecular Structure:


Optical Brightener OB-1has excellent high temperature resistance. It has wide range ofapplication, and is used for the whitening of nylon fiber, polyesters, andvarious plastics. It has outstanding brightening ability and gooddispersibility. It also has good adaption and weather resistance


OpticalBrightener OB-1 can be used on polyester fiber, nylon fiber, polypropylene,hard PVC, ABS, EVA, PS, polycarbonate etc. For high temperature resistantplastics, only ob-1 can be used, and the addition amount of optical brightenerob-1 is small and the whitening degree is high.

Reference dosage:

Every 1000kg materials to add OB-1 brightener:

1, EVA, polypropylene, nylon, polycarbonate in the amount of 75-200 g.   

2. The adding amount of polyester fiber is 75g- 300g

Package & Storage:

10kg or 25kg/ fiber drums. It can bepacked in other forms according to user's requirements.

Shelf life: not more than 24 months inthe room temperature.