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Product name FBA 220; OBA 220, Fluorescent Brightener BBU; Optical Brightener Agent BBU
Color Index No C.I.220
Cas No 16470-24-9
Appearance Straw Yellow Uniform Granular
86 18254185957

Product information


Color Index No: C.I.220

Synonyms: FBA 220; OBA 220,Fluorescent Brightener BBU; Optical Brightener Agent BBU

Molecular Structure:

Molecular   Formula: C40H40O16N12S4Na4

Molecular   Weight: 1165.12

CAS No: 16470-24-9

C.I. No.: C.I.220

Appearance: straw yellow uniform granular

E-value: 370

Shownionic character and optical blue color


1. Used for cotton fiber and glue fiber.     
2. Used in the syrup of discharge pattern of printing color.     
3. Used in paper pulp.       
4. Used in the process of surface gluing.       
5. Used in the process of coating.

Reference dosage:

Bath temperature is about 95-98,holding time is about 10-20 minutes, bath ratio is 1:20, vapour steaming about45 minutes, the dosage is 0.1-0.5%.

Package & Storage:

10kg or 25kg/ craft paper bags. It canbe packed in other forms according to user's requirements.

Shelf life: not more than 24 months inthe room temperature.