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Product name FBA 71; OBA 71, Fluorescent Brightener CXT; Optical Brightener Agent CXT
Color Index No C.I.71
Cas No 16090-02-1
Appearance Straw Yellow Uniform Powder
86 18254185957

Product information


Color Index No: C.I.71

Synonyms: FBA 71; OBA 71,Fluorescent Brightener CXT; Optical Brightener Agent CXT

Molecular Structure:

Molecular   Formula: C40H38N12O8S2Na2

Molecular   Weight: 924.93

CAS No: 16090-02-1

C.I. No.: C.I.71

Appearance: straw yellow uniform powder

E-value: 370

Fluorescent Brightener CXT is a recognized excellent brightener for detergent, with improved acid resistance and perborate resistance. It can be used to brighten cellulose fibers, polyamide fibers and textiles. Fluorescent Brightener CXT is ionic, with blue fluorescence.its advantages are: high compatibility, high
accumulative washing brightness, and adjustable dosage in industry.


Can be used in detergent, detergent powder, soap and perfumed soap to bring up bright and attractive appearance.
2. Can be used to brighten cotton fiber, nylon and such textiles, has excellent brightening efficiency to polyamide fibers and vinylon, and has good brightening efficiency to protein fibers andamino plastics.

Reference dosage:

It can be diluted10% suspending solution with hot water for use. The solution should be kept out of the sun. Its dosage in detergent powder is 0.1-0.5%; in printing and dyeing industry is 0.1-0.3%.

Package & Storage:

10kg or 25kg/ craft paper bags. It canbe packed in other forms according to user's requirements.

Shelf life: not more than 24 months inthe room temperature.