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Product name FBA 220 Liquid; OBA 220 Liquid, Fluorescent Brightener BBU Liquid; Optical Brightener Agent BBU Liquid, Optical Brightener APC
Color Index No C.I.220
Cas No 16470-24-9
Appearance Amber Transparent Liquid
86 18254185957

Product information


Color Index No: C.I.220

Synonyms: FBA 220 Liquid; OBA220 Liquid, Fluorescent Brightener BBU Liquid; Optical Brightener Agent BBULiquid, Optical Brightener APC

Molecular Structure:

Molecular   Formula: C40H40O16N12S4Na4

Molecular   Weight: 1165.12

CAS No: 16470-24-9

C.I. No.: C.I.220

Appearance: amber transparent liquid   

Solid content:   35%

1.Easilyused and can be mixed with water at any ratio. Suitable for automaticcontinuous addions&gauge.

2.Excellet acid resistance and excellet whiteningeffect even in low PH value solution.

3.Advanced nanofiltration membrance technology isapplied for this material and has low salinity and better store stability undernormal temperature.

4. Compared with other products, FBW-APC has bettersunlight fastness and alkaline resistance.

5. Kept stable above 0and freeze under -3,but have no influence on its usage when heated and dissolved again.


1.Fluorescent whitening agent for paper pulp bleaching

2.Fluorescent whitening agent in the process of surfacegluing

3.Fluorescent whiteing agent in the process of coating

Reference dosage:

1.Usual dosage:0.05-1.2% on dry pulp.

2.Addtion viasize press: combined with starch,CMC,PVA and other products designed forsurface sizing. Usual dosage:0.5-10 g/l

3.Addtion to thepigment coating mixtures: adding in any stage of building coating material. Goodperformance with the carrier of CMC,PVA and starch. Usual dosage:0.1-1.4% ondry pigment.

Package & Storage:

1000kg, 200kgplastic drum or for the special demand .

Should be storedin cool, dry and ventilate place, and storage time should not exceed 6 months