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Product name FBA 140; OBA 140, Fluorescent Brightener SWN; Optical Brightener Agent MDAC, Optical Brightener MDAC
Color Index No C.I.140
Assay ≥98%
Fineness ≥ 200 meshes
Cas No 91-44-1/61968-71-6
Appearance Off White Powder
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Product information

Product name:Tonex white SWN

Color Index No: C.I.140

Synonyms: FBA 140; OBA 140,Fluorescent Brightener SWN; Optical Brightener Agent MDAC, Optical Brightener MDAC

Molecular Structure:

Molecular   Formula : C14H17NO2

Molecular   Weight: 231.28

CAS No91-44-1/61968-71-6

C.I. No.: C.I.140

Appearanceoff white powder

Melting point():70.5-73

Assay: 98%

Fineness:≥ 200 meshes

1.Multipurpose brightener with excellent whiteness, soluble in ethanol but insoluble in water.
2.having properties of good solubility and compatibility.


This product is mainly used for whitening of wool,natural silk, nylon, acetate fiber and triacetate fiber. It can also be usedfor whitening of cotton and cyanamide, and can be used for whitening ofcellulose fiber by adding resin. Reference dosage:

The dosage is: nylon 0.05-0.3%, wool 0.05%-0.35%,acetate fiber 0.05-1.4%, triacetate fiber 0.1-2%, cylandex 0.05%-0.8%.
In addition, this product can be added to soap and detergent for washingfabrics, effective in the PH=3-11 range, can improve the appearance of thefabric after washing. It can also be used for coated paper, plastic andchromatic printing coatings.   

Package & Storage:

25kg fiber drumor for the special demand .

Should be storedin cool, dry and ventilate place, and storage time should not exceed 24 months